Dean Corbyn
Dean Corbyn is a professional pilot with over 25 years of experience, flying for high-profile individuals and celebrities. Originally from Sunderland, England, he has traveled extensively, residing in four countries on three continents.

His debut novel, The Jorvik Prophecy, is greatly influenced by the quaint intricacies of his hometown and the deeply historic region that surrounds it. Blending mystery and urban fantasy, it delves into a tale exploring sacrifice, salvation, and the consequences of our everyday choices—and whether they matter.

When he is not crafting new stories in his home office or soaring the skies at near sonic speeds, Dean can be found hammering away in his garage workshop or indulging his inner geek with science and the quantum world.

Dean currently lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife, two not-so-small children, and two not-so-smart mutts (plus herds of deer, wild boar, and everything trying to kill you from poisonous insects and snakes, to mountain lions and coyotes! Oh my!).

Beyond the Bio:
An Interview With Dean Corbyn
"My goal was to someday have a spacious office with an amazing view.
I'm proud to have achieved only half of my goals!"

— Dean


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